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Retirement | Taxes | Wealth Management 

Retirement Planning

When can I retire?
How do I retire?
Then what?


Investment Management

Then relax

Tax Reduction

Pay what you need to
Nothing more

Our Team

Casey Startzell, CFP®, CFEI® Photo Casey Startzell, CFP®, CFEI® Hover Photo

Casey Startzell, CFP®, CFEI®

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Casey started his financial advice career in 2012 as the third generation of Legacy.

He first served as an apprentice seeing every part of the business and getting hands-on experience in real retirement situations.  Now, with years of his own planning experience with over 200 retirees, he serves as an expert in everything retirement: Social Security, Medicare, pensions, and retirement income distributions.

At the end of 2020 Casey purchased ownership of the firm.  His focus is to be intentional about improving services for current clients, while remaining available to meet with referrals of their close relationships.

He lives in Yardley with his wife and daughter, prioritizing time with family and traveling together.  Beyond personal finance and helping others, he's passionate about surfing, home projects, and a healthy lifestyle.

To contact Casey: cstartzell@legacyfsg.com

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Paul Klimkowski Photo Paul Klimkowski Hover Photo

Paul Klimkowski

Associate Planner
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Paul joined the firm in 2017.  


As a Temple University graduate, Paul lived in Philadelphia for many years.  He's now a Yardley resident with his life partner.

In his spare time, Paul is a Philly sports fanatic, hiker, golfer, and all things outdoors. He’s an adventure seeker, with a passion for trying new things.

Paul has been involved in the ultimate frisbee community for over a decade where he has competed and coached at various levels.  This has brought about many travel and volunteer opportunities over the years.

To contact Paul directly:  pklimkowski@legacyfsg.com

William Palisca Photo William Palisca Hover Photo

William Palisca

Associate Planner
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Following years as good friends with Jim, Bill joined the firm in 2000.

A shared philosophy of always putting the client first has been a key to his growth and success as an expert retirement planner.

Bill has a son in the Army and a daughter in California.  Traveling to see children and grandkids continues to be a high priority. 

Time at home is spent gardening, enjoying friends, and playing golf and pickleball.

To contact Bill directly:  wpalisca@legacyfsg.com

James Startzell, CFP® Photo James Startzell, CFP® Hover Photo

James Startzell, CFP®

Founder and Principal
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Jim founded the firm in 1980 with his father, Harry Startzell.

With a mentality for doing the right thing for as many people as you can, he was successful in impacting many lives through effective financial advice.

Jim has 5 adult children (one of them Casey), all married with kids of their own.  Now a lot of his time is filled with the many activities of 10 grandchildren.  From chasing the little ones to guiding the young adults in their budding financial journey, he would say that his life is full and wonderful.

He's a perfect example of 'practice what you preach' and he stays involved in the business during high level planning and compliance management.

Dustin Sullivan Photo Dustin Sullivan Hover Photo

Dustin Sullivan

Client Services
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A Yardley, PA native - Dustin graduated from West Chester University.  

On a determined path to help others and make an impact, he started working with children at summer camps running cooking classes.  Then his networking led him to a meaningful role in the quality assurance department of a substance use and behavioral health treatment agency in Wilmington, DE.

In 2022 the team at Legacy sought after Dustin to join the firm because of his compassion for others and knowing that he will treat our clients the same way we do - like family. He’ll be working to operate and improve our systems and processes while developing his own financial planning background as he works toward his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. 

Outside of the office, Dustin enjoys spending his time outdoors mountain biking and camping. Aside from staying active he loves to cook and brew small batch kombucha.

Randy Sullivan Photo Randy Sullivan Hover Photo

Randy Sullivan

Client Services
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Joined the firm in 1999




Define a retirement lifestyle and learn what it takes to make it happen.  Then make it last.


Clarify needs for the short, medium and long term. Then create a plan to invest appropriately.


Taxes are the largest expense we'll have over our lifetime.  Managing that cost makes a difference. 

Our Focus is Your Focus

Enjoy Today

We all have one life to make our impact, build relationships, and create memories.  Take the time to enjoy your surroundings while working towards achieving and maintaining financial independence.  Preparing for your future does not mean sacrificing the present.

Plan for Tomorrow

Maximizing a retirement lifestyle requires investment planning and a disciplined approach.  Our guidance is tailored to meet your needs and to keep your goals in sight.

Pass on Your Legacy

The next generation often needs support along the way.  You've worked hard to build a financial foundation for your family, we can help make your legacy carry on for years to come.

Investment Philosophy

Our Clients

We help individuals and families prepare and execute retirement, and then manage that strategy through life.


Diversification is the foundation of any strong portfolio.  This means to invest in a variety of areas in order to spread out your investments and reduce risks.

Risk Tolerance

The ups and downs of the markets can be an emotional roller coaster.  It's extremely important to take on a level of risk that you can accept.  This is a difficult task to define for yourself, but our conversations will help to arrive at a comfort level that's right for you.

Time Horizon

Matching investments to a time horizon is crucial for any investor.  We don't want anyone to delay a major decision or purchase because of current market performance.  Planning ahead with the right timeline can eliminate this issue.

Market Expectations

We understand no one can see the future, so we certainly cannot predict short term performance.  Our strategies include a long term view and historic fact-based evidence, while avoiding quick reactions to media headlines.

Goals & Values 

Behind every great wealth management plan is always a driving purpose. No two families are the same.  We want to know what's truly important to you, and help you figure out how to maximize it.

Simple | Transparent

The cost to work with us

First Meeting

No Cost

Before any commitment, we need to get to know each other.
A relationship with a financial planner should be treated as a partnership: your family and our team working together toward a shared goal - your success!
This meeting gives an opportunity to envision a working relationship while we ask questions and begin to understand your situation.

Second Meeting

No Cost

Once we understand your situation and mutually think a working relationship is possible, then we should meet again to get specific.
We'll have a detailed financial plan ready for you.    
No decisions need to be made about account transfers.

Ongoing Planning and Management

Fees based on investments we manage:

$200,000 - $500,000 ……. 1.00%
$500,000 - $1,000,000 ….. 0.95%
$1,000,000 - $2,000,000 ... 0.85%
$2,000,000 - $5,000,000 ... 0.7%
$5,000,000 - $25,000,000 . 0.6%

Financial plans change constantly.
Nobody knows the future, therefor all assumptions need to be monitored and adjusted.
If we agree that a partnership with our team is appropriate, then we take investment management duties off your plate and actively monitor, rebalance, and reposition your accounts based on a personalized strategy for your family.

This fee pays for all of our expertise:
- Investment management
- Retirement planning
- Wealth transfer advice
- Income and distribution planning
- Tax strategies
- Multi generational wealth planning
- Any and all personal finance advice

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